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errors - Oracle - Can't login with "/ as sysdba", but.

16/12/2005 · On a related note, how do i connect as SYSDBA using iSQLPLUS. When I use connect SYS/ as SYSDBA; inside iSQLPLUS, I get this error: SP2-0927: CONNECT AS SYSDBA or AS SYSOPER not allowed through iSQLPlus URL The same works inside SQLPLUS Thanks. sqlplus username / [as sysdba] An example of this command is: $ sqlplus / AS SYSDBA Enter password: password. For username, you can use the SYS or SYSTEM administrative users. At the prompt, enter the password that you set up during installation. If you use the SYS user, you must include AS SYSDBA after the username.

connect / as sysdba. in a sqlplus prompt from inside the container, but. connect sys as sysdba. does work. To use conn / as sysdba, I had to be logged in as the user oracle instead of root. Switching to the oracle user and attempting to login again solved the problem. share. Hello, We are upgrading BW 2.1 to BW3.5 6.40, Oracle on Unix. I used to have and use sapdba, but after/in the upgrade it is gone, since we go back to BRTOOLS again as I understand. Now, I am to the point where I should enable the archivelog mode again. I use the orasid user and use the command: sqlplus / as sysdba, but it gives back.

Is there a possibility to disable the sqlplus /nolog Connect /as sysdba Due to the fact, that if a person has the possibility to access the Operating System; he will have the opportunity to access the DB withou entering an aditional password. We want. When I run sqlplus it connect to orcl2 instance but I need to connect to orcl I can connect to my normal user using this:. How to connect to different oracle instance as sysdba using sqlplus? Ask Question Asked 3 years,. Then sqlplus / as sysdba will connect to orcl as expected. share improve this answer. answered Aug 3 '16 at 13:30. CONNECT / AS SYSDBA The slash / indicates that the database should authenticate you with operating system OS authentication. Remember that when you connect with OS authentication, you are effectively logging in to the database as user SYS.

SYSDBA and SYSOPER are administrative privileges required to perform high-level administrative operations such as creating, starting up, shutting down, backing up, or recovering the database. The SYSDBA system privilege is for fully empowered database administrators and the SYSOPER system privilege allows a user to perform basic operational tasks, but without the ability to look at user data. Voglio collegare sqlplus sys/test senza scrivere as sysdba chiedo se c'è un modo per evitarlo. sqlplus "sys/123456 as sysdba" prior to Oracle 10. If you are already inside sqlplus as I assume from the fact that your example starts with a SQL>, you use the connect command: SQL> connect sys/123456 as sysdba In all cases, if you haven't set the environment variable ORACLE_SID, you need to specify that after the password, like this. 29/09/2009 · "conn / as sysdba" on Windows We can do the following when we want to connect to Oracle db using "conn / as sysdba" in nix environment: % export ORACLE_SID=ORCL % sqlplus /nolog % conn / as sysdba. Not a big deal. However, I got the.

Running sqlplus / as sysdba from Unix script in 9i; Breadcrumb. that is why i tried sqlplus "/ @db as sysdba ". I can understand your point it is security threat. but if i am connected as oracle user who is software owner and database too. Waiting for your reply. Thanks. Followup. When I issued SQLPLUS / AS SYSDBA,I login a idle instance,but when I: conn sys/a@fstest as looks OK.Please help me!. SQL> conn / as sysdba onnected to an idle instance SQL> conn sys/a@fstest as sysdba Connected. SQL> It was a same db,the first statment is connect the db directly,the latter is from listner. Connections with sysdba or sysoper privileges must always be authenticated. This is possible through OS authentication by assigning the appropriate OS group to the OS user. Another method is the use of a password file. If an 11g client is not configured you will get the ORA-01031. 13/06/2001 · Hi, I created a user anurag and assigned him dba, resource and connect roles. Now I want to be able to shutdown the database using this user but am unable to login as sysdba. what steps do I need to take so that I should be able to connect as sysdba. Infact I am unable to shutdown the database using internal also from the sql plus prompt.

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