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Retrieve the URL for an attachment. Przeszukiwanie WordPress dla wp_get_attachment_url, a WordPress Function. If any of the above options failed, Fallback on the GUID as used pre-2.7. Retrieve the URL for an attachment. WordPress-Infos für wp_get_attachment_url, ein/e WordPress Function. Search first Be sure that you first search in Google, the WordPress forums, Codex or this site using the form in the menu. Sharing your previous results helps narrowing down the problem if you also tell us what you found and why it didn’t serve your needs.

wp_get_attachment_url(int $ attachment_id. 检索发布全局唯一标识符(guid)。 wp-includes / post.php: wp_get_attachment_url 过滤附件URL。 wp-includes / post.php: get_post_meta 检索给定帖子ID的帖子元字段. Post Global Unique Identifier(guid)を取得します。 wp-includes / post.php: wp_get_attachment_url 添付URLをフィルタリングします。.

We all know you can use wp_get_attachment_url to return an attachment’s URL by passing in the ID, but what about the reverse scenario? There are a lot of long-winded examples of how to get an attachment ID by URL floating around the interwebs. I'm using the below code in my wordpress functions.php file to create a custom meta box inside my custom post type in order to allow me to attach PDF's to my pages. However the link takes me to the.

Description. Retrieve attached file path based on attachment ID. You can optionally send it through the 'get_attached_file' filter, but by default it will just return the file path unfiltered.
What is a GUID? GUID stands for “Globally Unique IDentifier”. The important property of a GUID is that it is unique; it matches no other GUID now or in the future. As a unique identifier it should never change. What does WordPress use the ‘guid’ fields in the database for? From this page in the WordPress []. Retrieve the URL for an attachment. Recherche WordPress pour wp_get_attachment_url, une WordPress Function.

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